Problem Resolution Document (PRD)

The PRD is a 5 stage, team-based problem solving system that combines best practice and techniques into a concise, user friendly 7 page document plus guide sheet.

The document leads the user through: 

Problem definition – Identify owner and team members, Is Is Not analysis
Route cause analysis - 5W 1H, Ishikawa, 5Y analysis
Solution scope – Time bound action plan with responsibilities, similar process checking
Quality system review – Procedural review, systemic countermeasures
Close out / handover – Higher lever hand over or closing  of PRD

Long established methods such as 8D, PDCA, DMAICS A3 and Toyota root cause analysis have been combined to focus on the most effective elements of each approach resulting in one of the most intuitive problem solving systems in use, fully documented in just 7 pages.